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The Energy Crisis Hoodie

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“THE ENERGY CRISIS HOODIES”, a series of up-cycled hoodies made out of throw-out material, deconstructed, re-designed and patched with political messages centralised thematically around the political, environmental and gender debate that the dominates the world scene from the Middle East, to Ukraine to domestically in Italy.

Each hoodie consists of 3-7 hoodies sewn together. Within them there is an underlying theme of revolt, and a wish to take action in society, as a citizen in Italy, as a citizen in Europe and as a citizen in a world going through an ecological crisis.


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100% upcycled jersey

Care Instructions

All OLDER uniforms can be washed in a domestic washing machine up to 60ºC.
However, given the presence of the water repellent treatment, uniforms can be washed even at 30ºC.

To remove solid matter, we recommend to do firstly a pre-wash, so that detergents act effectively on dirt and stains, and secondly to do the main wash at a high temperature (60ºC).

All garments are iron free.
However, it's recommendable to iron them every 3-5 washes, to keep the water repellent treatment more effective over time.

It's important not to use bleach.


OLDER's uniforms are designed by merging innovation and functionality with a responsible and sustainable production and supply chain. Sustainable uniforms, woven in Italy, manufactured in Europe and compostable packed